About us

You must be asking yourself why I chose this name.
That name is my approach To life, my worldview, my message, and the way I live.
Quite a few things happen to us, some are better, some are less good. But everything What happens is we have to learn, see differently, understand why it is us, and what it is Actually, come to teach us.
Everything that happens is made up of several colors, the question is which one Color we choose to look at.
The sea is my place.
There I feel the peace and quiet, the quiet and the noise And there I am the happiest person in the world….
I created the palette three years ago with a crazy passion for producing something Complete, full of diverse colors and special prints, a product that will make you so happy Lots of women of all sizes and ages.
I promised myself at the outset that I would spend all of this on the design for sewing to the service you provide.
I set off without much experience, learned the hard way, but everything is so challenging an interesting and I was able to bring a product that is full of love and most importantly manufactured here, in our little country.
Come fall in love with me, in my brand that is so important to me.
Loving, Moran